TAM UK provides significant expertise, gained over many years in business, to address specific challenges within an organisation

Typically this falls in three areas

Director Level support
• Non-Executive or Board advisory support
• Working with the directors to drive the company, restructure or fundraise
• Practical intervention, working alongside the board, to bring about cultural change
• Business and financial planning, driving change, or structuring for desired growth
• Often provided in conjunction with our acclaimed Team Action Management Programme

General Support
Around a specific area of the business:
• Culture change or development, from the board room to the whole business
• Sales team development
• Systems and processes, from workflow optimisation to internal process controls
• IT strategy and implementation, to selection of vendors, management of IT projects
• GDPR compliance, from internal culture, to data protection specifics
• Project management, or project recovery in the event of prior failure

Money With Management
A support service to be used when any kind of finance is introduced to the company, such as new equity, share issues by merger or acquisition, new debt, supporting grants, or any combination of these
• Strategic review of the business plan
• Optimisation of company performance
• Assessment of senior management team
• De-risk the money by external verification and support
• Increase the chances of success

All of these services are available as a day rate or discounts will be given for a pre-paid block rate.

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