TAM Programme

Financial results are evidenced within 2-4 weeks, and the programme is guaranteed to provide a 100% return on investment within 6 months.

Change planning needs can take the form of:

  • the need to engage the workforce to gain performance
  • the need strengthen the Management team in the skill of planning and operational management
  • to increase profits, create greater cash flow and generally improve performance

Applications are:

  • Performance improvement generally
  • Need to increase workforce engagement for efficient operations
  • Need to reduce waste and costs
  • Change of shareholder control (management buy in/buy out)
  • Change of management control, new MD or Board Director
  • Merger or acquisitions with the need to integrate operations
  • Resizing of the organisation (expansion as well as downsizing)
  • New product or markets that require different approach
  • Any major planned change event or restructuring

Immediate results:

  • A marked increase in performance, profit and productivity
  • Gain workforce acceptance of a change at the point of impact
  • Develop effective leadership by the senior management or Board of Directors
  • Creates a cultural platform for efficient and effective change

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