Team Action Management is able to create bespoke and practical courses, to help your organisation develop your key staff.

We offer courses held on your premises as this is most effective way to create a team building environment – it also provides a platform for us to configure a bespoke course for you to optimise the impact. Often used to create greater understanding and simultaneously solve real business problems during the day.

Most courses are run as single day, but many clients choose to create a package of learning over several months.

Some examples of our most popular courses are as follows;

Reference – Course Title

FIN–01 Finance for non Finance staff (basics)

FIN–02 Finance for non Finance staff (advanced)

DIR–01 Directors Duties and Responsibilities

LEADER-01 Responsible Leaders (HR Essentials)

LDEV-01 Leadership Development

EST–01 Estimating, Forecasting & Planning

BPLAN–01 Business Planning

STRAT-01 Developing Strategy

STRAT-02 Turning Strategy to Action

COMMS-01 Communication Skills

CUSTOMER-01 Customer Service Skills

MOT-01 Motivation and Delegation

CHANGE–01 Understanding Change Management

CSR-01 Making CSR work for your company’s success

FUTURE-01 Future Gazing in specific markets and industries

LEGAL-01 Legal compliance in the workplace

All of these courses can be specifically configured to meet your needs and we would encourage you to contact us with any specific requests.

We recommend group sizes of no more than 10 to allow for one-to-one time during the sessions. This greatly improves the impact of each course.

Programme rates are available on request, to provide a package offer where multiple courses are needed.

Do you think our training courses could help your business? Book an informal meeting with us today!