Would you drive down a busy road with your eyes shut for 20 seconds?

Think about it – the longest 20 seconds, anything could happen, and there’s plenty to go wrong.

Of course, you wouldn’t do it. It’s irresponsible – a danger to you and others, and not something many of you would even think about doing.

So why do so many business leaders, directors and managers, try to drive businesses with little or no strategic financial understanding?

So many, who “drive” quite successful businesses, have little idea of how to read their own balance sheet, or properly interpret the P&L report, in order to make key decisions in the business.

The task of doing this falls to the “finance person” or external accountant, to explain to others the financial reports, yet with a little bit of time invested, the power in acquiring this knowledge can be yours.

It makes a world of difference seeing a business through the “lens” of finance, and weaving that knowledge into strategic or even operational decisions. Little things can make a huge difference in applying this knowledge to your already extensive knowledge of your business.

It also discharges your Companies Act responsibility as a director or officer of a company, and shows due regard if things get a little tight, as they sometimes do.

Finance For Non-Finance Leaders can easily be run as a senior team building workshop, in your own offices.

It’s applicable to both boards of directors, but also the management team.

With strategic finance in your toolkit, it is possible to improve profits, assess productivity, review supply chains, and make innovative offers to customers.
In short, it puts you in control and propels your business forwards.

This is not a bookkeeping course, this is strategic finance– for business leaders. It is run by a business entrepreneur, with 30 years experience in driving businesses, with eyes wide open

For more details of how you can acquire this essential skill, contact enquiries@teamactionmanagement.com or call 01246 456304

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